Dearest all,

As the economy founders and we try to stay calm in challenging times, no doubt you are concerned about the future of your work as a creative professional.

We are a reading and dialoguing circle of like-minded thinkers and artists seeking to understand the impact of this fiscal dilemma on creative professionals. We propose moving to a higher ground as the world tilts to a new industrial age that economists call The Creative Idea Economy. We will start with four books about patterned thinking that guide the imagination and conclude with four more books on the emerging world of work. I call our topic The Necessary Pain of Change.

The books considered are listed in the sidebar at the right of the page. To these readings and other pieces, I will supply PDF’s, URL’s and photocopies. Besides the reading material, we will bring our own experiences with dreaming, feeling, thinking and expressing – all designed to upgrade our ability to fully imagine our creative pursuits.
For participants who want to take the next step and work on their own projects with others in the group, we will spin off a working group. This offers Creative Asylum members, free of charge, an opportunity to exchange expertise in project design, clarify ideas and provide feedback. However, if this leads to one member lending professional expertise to another for launching a project, those individuals should negotiate remuneration. I am available by appointment to help project designers learn the skills of collaborative planning.

We are named Creative Asylum and this is our second project together. Each project takes about two years to accomplish. Our first venture was called Earth at a Crossroad: The Psychological Source of Evil and Violence where we contextualized – through history, politics, and psychology – a world that is in upheaval. We began April 2011 and ended December 2012.

We will begin meetings for The Necessary Pain of Change on Monday, June 10 and continue once a month until June 8, 2015. At the conclusion of two full years of reading, we will have witnessed the world try to steady itself and we will have prepared ourselves to participate as informed, calm and forward-looking individuals.

Please register by email to I will send you the meeting location and a PDF of the reading program with suggestions on how to prepare for the first meeting. I will also send you additional information about the origin and purpose of Creative Asylum.

Many Blessings!



Meetings occur on the second Monday of every month at 8pm CST. Long distance members attend meetings using Skype or free conference call by phone.

Summer Quarter starts June 10
Fall Quarter starts September 9
Winter Quarter starts December 9

Spring Quarter starts March 10
Summer Quarter starts June 9
Fall Quarter starts September 8
Winter Quarter starts December 8

Spring Quarter starts March 9

$200 are due at the beginning of each quarter. You may pay by the quarter or in total for the year.