Mission Statement

Why do I call this blog 71 Widmore Road?

71 Widmore Road was my childhood home. Home casts an immeasurable influence upon a child’s mind and heart, and my family’s peaceful apartment and garden, on the outskirts of London was a lovely place. At the age of two, in 1947, I saw my father for the first time when he returned home on a 10 day leave from military duty in North Africa. Before our first encounter, I only had seen men on the street or when they delivered things to our door. So, the toddler in me was inquisitive and a little frightened about connecting with my father. For the first time I questioned what is a man and who is this man. Fortunately, he was very kind and he made heart-
melting efforts to connect with me. I don’t know how but I understood what was happening to him… and me. This seminal moment in my development brought my observing mind online and sparked a lifelong curiosity about what we all need emotionally to thrive. Experience shapes how we feel, which in turn motivates how we act. I think this blog serves a similar purpose. It is a forum for us to feel into the question; to see beyond our default points of view. To read more themes shaping my life story, please read my Bio, found on this website’s home page


Mission Statement

As unreal and unsettling events unfold around the globe, I continually strive to stay calm and mindful, and perhaps you do, too. This blog is where I– and a community of likeminded seekers– ponder deeply what underlies the crises of our times and those throughout history. We have been meeting for five years in a forum that I call cReative asyLum. We are a consortium of mostly artists who are writers, musicians, actors, medical professionals and visual artists.

Like cReative asyLum, our blog is a place to connect to the wisdom of the past, a place for truthfulness, curiosity, compassion. For more on who we are and what we do, please go to our community Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CreativeAsylum/about/

We invite you to join us. Our goals are:
To adopt a psychosocial perspective for probing our challenging times
To focus on the psychological source of evil and violence.
To ask questions that may not have answers.
To let our questions generate as many questions as needed until we reach insight.
To discuss alternative, less polarizing modes of thought and action.
To enjoy the perusal…